All of HottinDaro’s products are made from 100% fair-trade cashmere.

It is important to know that the cashmere fabric is collected in process from the spring season when the cashmere goats naturally shed their winter coats. No animals are harmed in the process.

While designer fashion and comfort aren’t usually found in tandem, HottinDaro's mission has always been to bridge the gap that lies between. Most cashmere brands are pretty predictable, but HottinDaro is positioned differently. It at the crossroads of Casual yet Elegant, Practical yet Luxurious, Intriguing yet Approachable. 

Most importantly, we are a cashmere brand for everyone. Young, old, big, small, black, white; HottinDaro is the brand for you. Wear it to look good, and feel good too. You only live once, You might as Well Live it in Cashmere