Caring for cashmere

You can hand-wash or dry-clean your HottinDaro cashmere

Washing cashmere garments:

  • Always be sure to turn the garment inside-out when washing
  • Cashmere is made from hair fibres and can, therefore, be washed in water, which is the preferred method. 
  • The water temperature should be cool and the cycle should be "short" (no more than 30 minutes). Be sure to check your washing machine instructions.
  • Do NOT bleach
  • Use a delicate washing detergent (*+ PH) 
  • You may use baby shampoo to give your garment a little bit of extra softness and fluffy texture.
  • Dry-cleaning is acceptable, and requesting a delicate detergent is recommended.

Drying cashmere garments:

  • Lay the garment out on a flat surface while it is still damp 
  • Remove any excess water by pressing a towel gently on the garment
  • It is NOT recommended to hang cashmere garments to dry
  • You may iron your garment at a low temperature or use steamer

Storing and maintaining your garments: 
  • Don't hang your cashmere garments unless you have the proper hangers. Wooden hangers that keep the garments shape are best
  • Do NOT use wire hangers. It is better to fold garment when storing 
  • In case of pilling, you can use a cashmere comb or remove by hand