Our Philosophy: "This Isn’t Ordinary Cashmere"

 Fashion and comfort aren’t usually found in tandem. HottinDaro’s mission has always been to bridge the gap that lies between comfort, and good style. We believe that one should be able to look as good in their clothes, and feel good in them too. 


While most Cashmere brands are pretty predictable. HottinDaro is positioned differently. This isn''t just cashmere you wear to your Grandma''s birthday dinner.  No, this is cashmere you throw on as you board your flight from NYC to Miami for the weekend. HottinDaro sits perfectly at the intersection of aspiration and accessibility.  It''s practical luxury, intriguing and approachable at the same time. The young professional''s perfect introduction to cashmere, and also something new for the person who has nothing but a closet full of cashmere.