Save The Elephants

HottinDaro donates a percentage of each online order to the WCN “Wildlife Conservation Network”, and more specifically in correlation and support with the “Elephant Crisis Fund”. Every year, at least 33,000 elephants are illegally poached for their ivory tusk. To break it down for you, that’s one murdered elephant every twenty minuted. A world without elephants would be a tragic failure for and to humanity. 


The Elephant Crisis Fund addresses this crisis and works to fight illegal ivory poachers head-on. Sophisticated criminals- the same groups that smuggle arms, people and drugs- orchestrate the illegal hunting of elephants and the distribution of their ivory. On-the group anti-poaching efforts are essential to outsmart, outgun, and stop the

ivory criminals. Right now the demand for ivory seems to be insatiable, and illegal poaching is on the rise. 


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In additional to supporting the WCN, HottinDaro makes all its best efforts to never harm any person or animal in the process of manufacturing and selling their products. All HottinDaro’s products are made from 100% fair-trade cashmere imported from Mongolia. It’s important to know that all cashmere collected in the process comes from the spring season when the cashmere goats naturally shed their winter coats. In the past when working with fur, HottinDaro opted to use only hand-selected faux-fur for production.