Keep it Fresh: “Cashmere Care” 

While cashmere is luxurious to wear, it can require a bit more care and attention than other clothing. First and foremost we recommend having your HottinDaro cashmere “Dry-Cleaned” Only. If you decide you wish to machine wash, use “Gentle Cycle  on cold, and lay flat or hang to dry.  

One of the best part of cashmere is that it is a very durable fabric. It also doesn’t absorbs sweat, dirt, and stains much better than cotton products. With light to medium use, you can get several wears out of your HottinDaro cashmere before it’s necessary to wash.
You may notice that after a few wears, you find small balls of fur forming on the surface of your cashmere. This is normal. You can simply remove them by hand, or with a “cashmere comb”. In the end, with proper care and love, your HottinDaro’s will become even softer and more luxurious with each wear.
Remember, "You only live once, you might as well live it in cashmere”.