HottinDaro: Our Story of “Casual Elegance” 


HottinDaro was created in 2012 on a winter day in New York City, when a Google Search for “Men’s Cashmere Pants” failed to return a single pair of cashmere pants. Immediately realizing such a missing everyday luxury essential in the marketplace, Co-Founders Richard Hottinger and Andy RotonDaro merged their last names together to form HottinDaro. After releasing their first collection of cashmere pants for just men, HottinDaro followed with cashmere pants for women, and a line of cashmere pants called children called, “LittleHotties" by HottinDaro. In doing so, HottinDaro became the first brand in fashion history to produce a line of seasonless cashmere pants for men, women and children.


After a feature in GQUK's "Holiday Gift Ideas for Him", HottinDaro gained exposer in Europe as well as in their home town of of NYCity. Currently the brand is carried by retailers in Switzerland, the UK, New York and Canada amongst others. The company is also looking to expand into Asia and South America. Dedicated to producing the best possible cashmere products, HottinDaro uses only high quality 100% Mongolian Cashmere for production. Incorporating their luxury fabrics with their sleek yet comfortable design, HottinDaro has developed a look that's classic, timeless, effortless and sophisticated all at the same time. The company has coined their brand as the King of “Casual Elegance”. 


Since their initial release in 2013, HottinDaro has expanded to offer a full range of cashmere apparel and accessories for men, women and children. The brand also carries a line of Unisex Designer Sunglasses. (HottinDaro Sunglasses) HottinDaro seeks to continue its innovation in the fashion industry while introducing its cashmere apparel and style to a wide range of demographics; From consumers whom regularly buy cashmere products, to those who aren’t as familiar with cashmere; HottinDaro has a little something to offer everybody.